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Our Services

Lets uncover the way how we do it
First Step

Research, Analysis & Strategy

First of all, we need to get to know you. Company history, current merchandising situation and your company goals and philosophy. It's very important to learn as much as possible so we can prepare strategy that will suit your needs.

Second Step

Development, design & production

We will propose the best product that mirrors that strategy and use longterm manufacturing partners or find new ones just for you. Over the years, we have managed to create an extensive and interesting network of manufacturers of traditional and non-traditional products. We have created special delivery and price conditions for many of them. Our basic goal is to deliver the right product with quality branding and as quickly as possible.

Third Step


Our speciality is e-commerce so we will prepare, develop and manage e-commerce solution that will perfectly suit your needs. E-commerce is one of the most developing business industries and our main task is to prepare the brand and products of our clients to succeed in this environment. We take great care to follow the latest trends in design, programming, payment systems and customer service.

Fourth Step

Warehousing and logistic

We are operating our own warehouse for the clients to cover all the logistics and warehousing needs that might appear with the solutions for worldwide operations. The location of our warehouse is ideal for this purpose, as it is close to the main highway network connecting Eastern and Western Europe and very close to the main logistics hubs of many carriers.

Our Services


One of the most important part of all our projects is design. We place great emphasis on quality processing of all graphic materials that we provide to our clients for the presentation of their brand and products. We have an experienced team that excels in all aspects, from classic graphics to very popular 3D renders. This service is usually highly sought after and appreciated by our clients

Our Services


Video content is very often part of the presentation, which is neglected by our clients. They are then very surprised by the fact that they can be effective and helpful in promoting the brand. In the age of social networks, video content is a part of promotion that is gaining in importance. We want to supply our clients with the latest, so for example, in our offer you will also find the possibility of videos shot with special drones.

Our Services


For a large part of our clients, exhibitions and other promotional events are a very important part of their promotion. In order for this presentation to be devised to the last detail, we offer the creation of a complete study of the exhibition space, including the internal and external layout. All this including photorealistic 3D images and walk-through videos

Our Services

Marketing IT Support

We are providing more a more services in the field of development of IT systems and applications intended for marketing purposes. We can create special iOS and Android applications tailored to the specific situation and purpose. For example, booking, collecting newsletters, handing out gifts, discount coupons, checking attendance and much more.

Our Services

Event production support

Our task is not to organize large events for clients, but over the years we have learned to provide significant support in devising the concept, implementation, form and meaning of events and work closely with specialized event agencies so that the result is the best possible for our clients.